This free light-weight software lets you manage Windows Update settings — especially on Windows 10. It will completely disable and stop Windows Update services and prevent the leak of unwanted internet traffic usage. As explained in our articles, if you manually disable and stop the services, it won’t be persistent — as each restart or shutdown of your computer. In this case, an option is included for checking these services periodically and disable/stop them whether they are running or they have been enabled automatically. The time period is also configurable. This software can also be used for earlier versions of Windows — e.g. Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. You may want to enable Windows Update services again, don’t worry, there’s an option to restore the defaults.



Figure (1): Basic Options

Figure (2): Advanced Options


Installation Guide

  1. Download and extract the zip file to any location.
  2. Right-click the file Windows Update Settings Modifier.exe and click on Run as administrator.
  3. If the UAC (User Account Control) notification shows up, click the Yes button to allow the program to launch.
    Note: This program needs administrative permissions to manage Windows Services. In this case, you need to run it as administrator. The UAC is also making notifications if a program is going to be run as administrator.
  4. After the program launches, you will see two buttons Restore Defaults and Disable Updates. You can simply click the Disable Updates button to turn off Windows Updates permanently.
  5. You can click the More button to see more options.
  6. If you prefer undoing the changes for any reason — e.g. installing new apps from Windows Store or even updating your Windows — simply click on the Restore Defaults button.



For Developers (Under review)

This open-source software is developed with C# programming language. You may be an amateur and want to learn coding or extract some functions from it, or an expert to change the code as much as you want.


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