The price of Bitcoin, which was able to break the resistance of $ 10,000 yesterday, rose this morning to a significant increase to $ 10,300. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 10,218, up 5.7 percent from yesterday.

According to many analysts, the increase in positive news about Bitcoin and the break from the long-standing range of $ 9,100 to $ 9,200 is related to the recent growth.

The announcement of another $ 1 trillion in funding from the US government can be considered one of the main reasons for the rise in bitcoin prices.

Other digital currencies in the market also had a good day. Meanwhile, ether, the number two currency in the market, rose 7.3 percent to $ 324. On the other hand, currencies such as Ripple and Cardano were accompanied by 2.77 and 3.90% price reductions, respectively.
Digital currencies are currently valued at $ 311 billion, with Bitcoin accounting for 60.33%.

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