Right now Bitcoin is at its all-time high price even passing the 2017 price.

The whole Cryptocurrency market has gone up quite a lot and it looks that it would go even higher going into December and the year 2021.

So if you still want to get into the market and make a profit it’s not too late check out these altcoins below and please do further research.



  1. Blockstack: So what is Blockstack and why it would go up in the month of December?! According to the Blockstack website it is an open-source and developer-friendly network for building decentralized apps and smart contracts. So the token itself is gonna be used in their platform but the big news here for this crypto is that Stacks 2.0 mainnet lunch is gonna be happening in the month of December. Right now they have been entered the final phase of stacks 2.0 testnet. So this token will definitely go up in the near future.
  2. TrustSwap: This company just announced that coming on December 7th Yield app is gonna be the next launchpad project that is gonna be happening on their platform that is a pretty good reason that Trustswap would go up but the main reason it would go up is that $750,000 of $UMEX now locked with TrustSwap Starting December 13th, 6.25% of Unimex fees will be used to buy SWAP on the open market, and then distributed directly to SWAP stakers. Unimex will be airdropping 2.5% of their total supply evenly to the top 750 ‘SWAP Score’ stakers Quote Tweeter. So this is absolutely huge we predict that this crypto may even go to the 1$ mark with all these things they have coming up.
  3. NEM: NEM XYM snapshot is gonna be happening on December 15th but do you know what it is? you participate in the launch of symbol 1XEM=1XEM+1XYM and it’s gonna be happening in the month of January so the hype is gonna be happening in December and people would buy this token to participate in the snapshot and get more tokens so this cryptocurrency as we get closer to December 15th would potentially go higher.
  4. Wanchain: It is an overlooked crypto that went up really high in 2017 bullrun but obviously crashed in 2018 but in the year 2020 and 2021 it could reach its all time high again which was just under $10 the current price is $0.33.
  5. Ethereum: Okay bet you all know this cryptocurrency, we predict that Ethereum will reach the $800 mark the reason is obviously Bitcoin if Bitcoin keeps gaining price and going up as it is right now we’ll definitely see the rise in both Ethereum and XRP price.
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