In this list, we are going over 5 free useful software. Most of the programs listed here are available for Windows Mac and Linux. There are many other good practical free software out there but we are going to cover them in the future.



  1. f.lux: Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are your eyes always dry from looking at your screen for a long time period? You might think that these questions be irrelevant but the blue light that comes from our computers and digital devices are impacting our sleep quality. if you suffer from insomnia and eye strain and dry eyes then Flux is the software that Must be on your PC. Basically what this software does is that it adjusts the color of your screen base on the time of day so, at the end of the day when you still at your computer working and getting ready for sleep, it helps to balance off the melatonin of your body so you could enjoy a good night of sleep!
  2. HWMonitor is a piece of software that allows you to monitor everything that is happening on your computer while you do other stuff. it tells a lot about your PC such as your core temperature and voltage your fan speed. you can leave it open while you do your gaming, etc.
  3. VLC Player is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia That ables to play about 99 percent of all formats and it can also convert formats to any other format you want. It has no adware or bloatware or any other bullshit so go ahead and install it right away!
  4. Paint.NET is an editing photo software for Windows. It is one of the best Photoshop alternatives out there with the support of Layers, special effects, and a wide range of other useful and powerful tools. Though it’s very small it can offer unparalleled capabilities. It has an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the needed tools to make the editing process faster and more enjoyable.
  5. Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows which allows you to take screenshots of your windows screen or part of it and save it with the best quality. This powerful program has tons of cool feature one of which is that you could take a screenshot with one click whether you want it from a specific program or any other part of your screen, additionally, you can make changes such as adjusting the resolution and brightness of parts of the image, sending the screenshot directly to email or just print it.



Thanks for reading and be sure to comment on what free software you find useful having on your PC. Thanks!

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