There are many solutions to monitor server resource values. You can even use the pre-defined commands of CentOS. But if you want to improve your monitoring interface, we recommend you install Glances – one of the best monitoring scripts on a Linux server! You can read its documentation to find its features. We are going to explain how to install it on different versions of CentOS.



CentOS / RHEL 8:

  1. Run the command below to install Python and its Development Tools:
    sudo dnf install gcc python38 python3-devel -y
  2. Install Glances from PIP repositories:
    sudo pip3 install glances
  3. Now, monitor the server in a second interval:
    glances -t 1

CentOS / RHEL 7:

  1. Install EPEL Release:
    sudo yum install epel-release -y
  2. Install Glances from yum repositories:
    sudo yum install glances -y
  3. If it faced an error, try using the official Glances installing commands. But before running them, ensure you have cURL or Wget on your server. If not, install them by:
    sudo yum install curl wget -y
  4. Now, run only one of the commands below:
    curl -L | /bin/bash
    wget -O- | /bin/bash



Now, you can enjoy your new monitoring interface. You can also read its documentation to find the different commands and shortcuts.

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